General Rules

1.  When a referee is present, they are the final authority of the game.  Parents and coaches should not say anything to the officials during the run of play.  Any questions and concerns can be discussed at half or at the end of the game.  This message serves as a warning.  If a referee is harassed or spoken to rudely during the run of play the referee has the right to eject the person immediately with no warning.

2. Every player must play at a minimum half of every game.  If a player refuses to go in please address this with parents between quarters or at half.  DO NOT just not play the child.  EVERY player must sit out at least a quarter of play.  This is our biggest parent complaint, that coaches play the best player the entire game or coaches play their child the entire game.  

3. Players must wear shin guards and proper cleats.  No toe cleat.

4. Jewelry may not be worn during games.

5. Regular season games may end in a tie.  For tournament games over-time will be utilized in U6 and U9.  U12 will go directly to penalty kicks.  Overtime procedure will be:


     In the tournament if the game ends in a tie teams will play one two-minute Golden Goal overtime period.  If still tied they will play a second Golden Goal period.  If still tied each team will remove a player from the field for a 1 minute over-time.  If still tied each team will remove another player for another 1 minute over-time period.  This will continue until it is 1v1.  The same players may not participate in more than 3 consecutive OT periods.

U6 - Rules

1. Size 3 ball

2. Coaches ref all games

3. 4 - 8 minute quarters with running clock, if there are 2 games in a day for teams then time will be 4 - 6 minute quarters.

4. 4v4 no goalkeepers

5. Goal Arch Rule - players may not defend in the arch.  If a defensive player enters the arch prior to the ball and stops the ball a free kick is awarded to the attacking team halfway between midfield and the arch.

6. All free kicks are indirect and opponents must be 4 yards away

7. No slide tackling and no headers - if a player heads the ball it is a free kick from the spot the head occurred for the other team.

8. No offside

9. Throw-ins for all balls going into touch on sidelines, corner and goal kicks for balls crossing the end lines

U9 - Rules

1. Size 4 ball

2. Refs will be scheduled, but coaches may have to ref

3. 4-10 minute quarters with running clock, clock should only stop for injuries.  If there are two games scheduled for teams in a day time will be 4 - 8 minute quarters.

4. 6v6 with keepers

5. All free kicks are indirect and defending team must give 5 yards

6. No offside

7. No keeper punts

8. No heading.  If ball is headed free kick is awarded to other team at the spot of the infraction

9. No slide tackles

10. No penalty kicks.  If a foul occurs in the box the ball will be pulled out of the box for the free kick

11. An athlete may only play half of the game as goalkeeper.  Ideally you should switch every quarter.

U12 - Rules

1.  All FIFA Rules will be in place

2. 2 - 25 minute halves

3. 11 v 11 when playing each other, 8 v 8 when playing other teams

4. Size 4 ball