Referee Information
 How does one become a referee?


This is a question we receive on a regular basis. The information below should help anyone wanting to get started.

Which grade? (and why does it matter?)


Generally speaking, most soccer referees in West Virginia start at one of two levels - Grade 9 or Grade 8.

Grade 9


  • This is the "recreational" grade. It is primarily designed for those wanting to referee younger children's matches. 

  • The pros to the grade 9 level is a shorter course so it is a quicker path to becoming a referee.

  • The cons are that you are limited to the age level you can officiate (typically under 14)

Grade 8


  • This is the starting point for many referees in West Virginia.

  • The pros of the grade 8 is a a broader range of opportunity for officiating. With a grade 8 you can ref up into amateur games (U19).

  • The cons are a longer course, usually 6+ hours.

I have my grade picked. Now what?

Great! Now that you have decided on the grade, what is the next step? get signed up for a course. Once you have completed the coursework and have scored a passing score on the test, you are ready to start blowing the whistle and showing cards!

To sign up for a course please follow the link below and read the instructions.