Frequently asked Questions

At what age is my child elegible to play in the MCSL?

  • Your child must be at least 40 months of age by registration time to be elegible to play.

What will my child need in order to participate?

  • All players are required to wear shin guards and the appropriate cleats for soccer during all games and practices.
  • Players will be required to wear athletic socks that completely cover the shin guards.
  • MCSL highly recommends that all players bring water/drinks to practices and games.

Can we request a coach or to be with another child?

  • Yes, you may request this but not all requests will be honored. The reason is that MCSL conducts a draft before each season begins in order to create teams to be as fair as possible.
  • Requests for player movement need to be made in writing and sent to the MCSL Board of Directors for review. In most cases, unless the well-being of the child is at risk, the requests will be denied.
  • Coach's and Asst. Coach's children will be on the same team, as well as siblings/family.

How long are the seasons?

  • Fall Season: August - November
  • Spring Season: March - June

Can Ohio residents play in the MCSL?

  • Yes, Ohio residents are able to play in the MCSL. However, there will be an additional $4.00 charge due to the insurance coverage.

When will I hear from my child's coach?

  • Once the rosters are finalized and each coach has received their assigned team it should only take about 2-3 days for parent contact.

If I miss registration deadline can I register late?

  • If there are open roster spots in a division we will allow enough late registration to fill those spots but no more than is needed.
  • Any player registered after the dealine will pay a $10 late registration fee.
  • If you missed the deadline and would like to register a player please use the "Contact Us" page to email directly to the league or you can reach us via Facebook Messenger.

How are players assigned to teams?

  • Teams are assigned at the beginning of each soccer season using a draft under supervision of our board members.
  • The goal is to have multiple teams in the same age year that are competitive rather than stacking one team and leaving the other out to dry.

Do the referees work for the MCSL? Are they volunteers?

  • The referees used to officiate our games are provided by the WVSA State Referee Program.
  • Please keep in mind that these officials are paid to officiate the game and are the authority figure no matter their age.
  • Referees are to be shown respect by players, coaches, and parents, even when the individual disagrees with a decision.
  • Under no circumstance should a coach, parent, or player, harass an official.
  • If you would like to learn more about becoming a referee please visit our "Referee Information" page.