Coaches Information
All About the MCSL Coaches


  • All MCSL coaches are volunteers. 

  • No coach receives any monetary compensation for their service.

  • If you are interested in coaching or helping a team, please contact MCSL or sign up during the upcoming enrollment.

Message to our Coaches...
It's our coaches that make everything at MCSL possible. Without them, the whole league ceases to exist. We are very appreciative of all their time and efforts.
If you have been thinking of coaching, but are afraid of getting in over your head, don't be. There are plenty of folks that would be more than happy to help out a new coach. The main thing to remember is that there is no magic trick to coaching. The most important thing is for the kids to have fun and share in our love for the game. If you can accomplish that, every skill a player learns is icing on the cake!
Remember, you're a volunteer for us, were here to help you! Without our coaching volunteers we could not exist. Whether you're a brand new coach or a coach with many years of experience, there are many sites to help you along the way. We will post links to anything we think will be helpful, links to YouTube videos and more!