1.  Be sure to contact every athlete on your team ASAP.  You may start practicing ASAP.

2.  Contact me if you need soccer balls, I will arrange to meet you at the field.

3.  Games will begin April 15, seasons will conclude on or before June 5.

          ** Coaches you may reschedule games if needed.  All u6 games will be officiated by 

               coaches, we will try to schedule u9 refs, u12 will have refs.  If you reschedule a game

               please give time to possibly reschedule officials.

4.  Shirts are ordered

5.  We will have a quick coaches meeting Tuesday, April 6 at 6:00 PM at the soccer fields.  Rain or shine.  At this meeting I will distribute the following:

          a. schedules

          b. rules

          c. list of who needs to pay their fees

          d. permission to post photographs sheet

          e. hard copy of roster

          f. COVID Sign-in sheet

Covid-19 Info

Coaches WV Soccer recommends parents watching practice to wear masks.  It is your responsibility to pass this info on to the parents, it is not your job to police this.  I do not recommend that you be a mask police officer.  

Athletes will need to be signed in to each practice via the Covid sign-in sheet I will provide you.  It is the standard set of Covid questions.  You will keep these sheets in case they are needed.

Players do not need to wear masks when playing or training.  Coaches are supposed to wear masks while coaching.  

If you have any other questions please contact me.